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Our retreats and resources will shake you out of 'business as usual' 

High Intensity Thinking (HIT)

Time and energy are precious resources. AmplyPhi’s activities and resources are designed with smart, busy professionals in mind. Our activities and resources cut quickly to the core issues that require closest attention and explore them with conceptual precision and emotional candor. The result is an intense experience, in which we move rapidly from defining challenges, to exploring them in broader philosophical, psychological and political context, to planning practical steps to address them creatively.

Impact Design Retreats (IDR)

To maximize your impact, you need to direct your talents to your greatest opportunities. This requires stepping back from the routines of everyday life . That’s why we conduct Impact Design activities in retreat settings: To get away from distractions and refocus on the big picture. At our Impact Design Retreats we work with you to envision potential impact; analyze opportunities and resources; design systems that drive their growth; and plan creative interventions that bypass obstacles while confronting the sticking points that really hold us back.

Multi-Sensory Experience

In addition to provoking your minds and passions, our retreats are designed to engage you aesthetically. For a change, instead of taking care of others, let us take care of you. AmplyPhi events take place in retreat surroundings, with nourishing food, to help you relax and focus on your development. 

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