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Our expertise

Even the best bosses struggle to recruit, retain and motivate talented professionals. Turnover is rising and engagement is a growing challenge.


Amplyphi is here to help. Our team combines academic expertise, executive experience, and a passion for unlocking human potential. Together we design creative solutions to the problems of identifying and nurturing talent; establishing cultures in which talent thrives; and developing those who manage the talents of others. Our goal is to recharge those in charge, and provide them with the tools they need to maximize their impact.


Individually and together, Amplyphi’s team has helped thousands of leaders and organizations to:


  • Recruit, select and motivate highly talented individuals

  • Onboard and pivot staff to address rapidly changing needs and opportunities

  • Create organizational cultures that support excellence

  • Clarify vision and plan implementation

  • Institute data-rich processes of feedback and evaluation

  • Develop and apply transformative ideas to the human elements of work

  • Design and deliver innovative programs

  • Build teams that --- personal and - -- 

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