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Turn up your impact

Leadership Development

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One-day and longer executive seminars, on:

  • Advanced Skills Training (e.g., Negotiation; Evaluation)

  • Strategic Getaways for Top Leadership (e.g., Revisioning; Change Management)

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Strategic consulting to top executives across industries, about team-building, conflict management, organizational change, evaluation, and how to match your best talent to your greatest opportunities.


Advanced management skills courses for new and experienced bosses to upgrade their capacity to lead:

  • Boundary-setting

  • Delegation

  • Conflict management

  • Effective feedback

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Why now?

In a fast-changing world, talent is key.

As increasing numbers disengage or resign from their jobs, successful companies and organizations will be those prepared to inspire talent and create cultures in which it thrives.


We’ve designed and directed elite leadership programs for over 25 years. As executives, we are experts in recruiting and developing top talent. As academics, we know the difference between ideas that are useful and those that are not. By tackling human factors that hold you back, we help top professionals use their power right.

Work Desk

What We Do

All our resources serve the same goal: to turn up impact by wasting less talent


Management skills


Talent mapping, evaluation, retention

Inspirational seminars and tools


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The key to profound impact is to apply your greatest talents to your highest aspirations. Many management cultures squander talent. Our ImpactDesign method, based on extensive research and years of executive experience, will help you manage the human drives that promote success or hold it back. 

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